Over To You: My Family Don’t Want Me To Be A DJ!

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 26 November, 2017


You might think your music is going to take you to worldwide success, but it’s only natural your family will need a bit more persuading than that.

Reader Bame writes with a problem that appears in one form or another in many emails we receive, especially from younger readers:

“I’m 18, I finished school last year and I’m working part-time. So I want to earn a living from DJing and have it as a hobby at the same time. I’ve managed to get myself some decks and I really love this, but my family always undermines what I’m try to do, and doesn’t give me enough support for my career. How do I overcome this situation?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

First things first Bame, I had to decode your letter just to make it readable! So my first point is: this is an industry and business like any other, and first impressions count. Write well, present yourself well, and treat it seriously if you want people to treat you seriously. It’s just a guess, but maybe if your family saw that one change in you, it might start to convince them that you mean this.

Anyway, now some truths: Venue owners want bottom-line results, record labels want constant sales, promoters want full clubs – note that none of this has got anything to do with passion for music. To succeed, you need rock-solid business skills and a lot of drive, and the ability to deliver for whichever of these people your career relies on.

Frankly, overcoming family objections is the least of anyone’s challenges in this industry. But nonetheless, I recommend finding a mentor – someone who is local, and who is where you want to be. Preferably it’s someone your family can respect, too, which may help to get them behind you. Make yourself valuable to them and earn their time and assistance.

We’ve a blog post tomorrow that is actually all about achieving success, so look out for that too.

Are you a struggling young DJ whose family won’t support you? Are you a parent worried about your child’s choice of a career in the music industry? Do you have any advice to pass along to Bame? Please join in below.

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