Reloop Wave 5 & Wave 8 DJ / Producer Monitors Announced

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Last updated 26 November, 2017


Reloop Wave 8
The Reloop Wave 8 speakers, the larger of the pair of active monitors announced by the company today.

Right on the back of our Pioneer S-DJ08 review comes news from Reloop of two new DJ / producer speaker models that follow exactly the same functional design philosophy: The Reloop Wave 5 and Reloop Wave 8. Referentially labelled “Active DJ & Producer Reference Monitoring Stations” by Reloop, these powered monitor speakers have multiple inputs, plus a round aluminium remote control and a DIN link between the speakers allowing easy control of major functions.

The speakers themselves are – like the Pioneer S-DJ05s and S-DJ08s – differentiated by their 5″ and 8″ drivers respectively. These particular models each have RCA, XLR and TRS inputs, bass reflex ports, input select status LEDs on the front, two-band EQ with “acoustic space” control (nope, no idea on that one) as well as an LF cutoff control (flat, 80Hz or 100Hz).

Like KRK’s monitors, these have a lit logo to indicate status. The remote control (“Wave control”) has a standby/mute button, input select switch plus big rotary volume control.

Reloop vs Pioneer

Weighing in at 6kg and 9kg per speaker respectively, they are heavy beasts, and Reloop is accenting the “highest quality components, fine-tuning and sophisticate design”. However unlike the Pioneers, these don’t appear to be bi-amped, and don’t appear to have EQ bypass. They are also one input source shy of the Pioneer speakers.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been looking enviously at the Pioneer models, these are likely to cost substantially less, although price and availability are yet to be confirmed.

What do you think? Are you into the idea of speakers with switchable, multiple inputs and remote control?

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