Over To You: Where Can I Get Free Images For My Mixtapes?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 26 November, 2017


mix cloud
Mixcloud gives you room for an image to promote your mix – but where should you go to find good free images?

Digital DJ Tips reader Kaan writes: “I’ve recently made my first mixtape and uploaded it on Mixcloud. when I was doing so, Mixcloud said I can choose a picture to upload. However, I didn’t had a suitable image on my laptop so I uploaded it without an image for now. That’s what me leads to my question: Where can I find images for my mixtapes without getting in trouble with copyright etc?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Nice question. We use professional services to buy many of the pictures we use here on Digital DJ Tips, but there are a couple of tricks I know to find free images online, too. If you go to Flickr you can specify in the advanced search to only use “Creative Commons” pictures, which are pictures that people don’t mind you using for free. You’re meant to credit the photographers usually, and I’m not sure how you’d do that – maybe a quick picture credit in your mix description text. You can do a similar kind of search in Google Images.

But I’m sure our readers have more ideas, so I think this is a good point to throw it open.

So – over to you! We’d love to hear your tips about making your online music “look” good. Please share in the comments.

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