Over To You: How Can I Become An Avicii Tribute DJ?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
avicii tribute DJs
Last updated 16 November, 2017


David wants to become an Avicii tribute act, as there are already several such DJ tributes for other artists in his home town of Dublin, Ireland. Do you have any advice for him?

Digital DJ Tips reader David from Dublin writes: “I have been DJing for around two years. I DJ at the odd party and teen disco but haven’t made the breakthrough into the nightclubs that some other DJs my age have. I am 17 and there are loads of DJs my age doing whatever they can to get a set in my local clubs.I had the idea of becoming a tribute DJ for Avicii. In Dublin there are some tribute DJs for the big names like Deadmau5, SHM and Daft Punk.”

“My name is David so I thought I could use something like Davicii. I also love the melodic style of house associated with Avicii so I feel I would be a good tribute DJ if I had the opportunity. My only problem is that I don’t know where to begin. I was thinking of making a Facebook Page but I will probably get teased a lot on the page which is not good if a promoter comes across the page and just sees people slagging me off. Do you have any advice on how I could kickstart this tribute DJ career I have planned? I would really appreciate it. Thanks a million!”

Digital DJ Tips says:

I love our postbag because really, I just can’t predict what is going to drop into it. You’re right! Turns out there are plenty of tribute DJs doing the rounds. And why not? For a cheesy, fun night out, someone who plays closely in a style a DJ is associated with (and does a decent job) may be just the ticket – at least in some countries and cities.

I’ve got to ask – do you look anything like him? I can see how a Deadmau5 tribute could get away with it by wearing the mask, but I imagine looking at least slightly like the person you’re imitating is necessary? On the Facebook thing and as a general point, it is possible to delete posts that are inappropriate from your Facebook Page, and also to ban repeat offenders, so that won’t be a problem for you.

I’ve got to be honest though – I have exactly zero experience of the tribute DJ scene; how to break into it, who’s making it work, what the pitfalls are, how to approach pretending to be someone else. So I’m going to throw this one open to the readers.

So readers, over to you. Are there tribute DJs where you live? What are they doing to get gigs, and how good are they? Are you a tribute DJ, and if so, how do you make it work? Any thoughts, experiences, advice or tips for David (or should that be Davicii…) warmly received below.

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