How Can I Add Visuals On The TV Behind Our DJ Booth?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 27 March, 2018


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Getting some visuals going behind you can make your DJ performance more exciting, and if there’s a screen there already, why not? But today our reader asks: How?

“Digital DJ Tips forum reader EpicDJ writes: “OK, so next weekend friends and I are throwing a ‘Naughty School Girl’ back-to-school party at his condo. We are going to be setting me up in front of the LCD TV that is on the wall, and were thinking it would be cool to have some type of visuals going in the background on the TV, or even perhaps, a mirror of my screen via the Apple TV? I am running Lion and using Traktor Pro 2.5 on a MacBook Pro.

“Is there an app that I could use that would stream some type of visuals to the TV via Apple TV? Or would I be able to mirror my MacBook screen onto the TV with the Apple TV without losing my screen on the laptop? Or is there other software or solutions you can think of that could help us to get some kind of visuals from the computer to the screen?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

If you want to get serious about this stuff, take a look at our Getting Started In Video DJing series. But I suspect this is a one-off, in which case you’re looking for some kind of visual generator program or as you say, just the ability to get the LCD acting as a second screen to your Mac’s main screen so people can see what you’re doing.

(Maybe a bad idea, actually – would you want people watching the tunes you consider playing but then choose not to, for instance? Or seeing your collection and requesting stuff they see?)

I am sure there is something relatively easy to set up that would run alongside your DJ software and let you output some kind of cool graphics to that screen as you DJ, but I’ve never done this myself, so I’ll throw it open to our wise readers.

So, over to you: Have you ever provided visuals at a party with your Mac, as well as using it to DJ? What did you use, software-wise? Have you ever done it using Apple TV? Got any advice for EpicDJ? Please share your words in the comment

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