New Serato DJ Software: Screenshots Revealed

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Last updated 16 November, 2017


Two decks with the complex sample player window open – a very SSL-esque look.

Here are the first screenshots of Serato DJ, the replacement for Serato ITCH that is due to drop on November 1 with a phased rollout across all controllers in the months that follow. Immediately it’s clear that the new software moves towards Serato’s existing Serato Scratch Live digital vinyl software, and to my eyes this confirms the obvious: soon enough Serato will have just one pro software offering that will work with all systems and set-ups.

Main features

BPM, time and pitch info is now within each virtual deck; up to eight cues and loops can be displayer (four of each if you want); there is one-click access to edit beatgrids during performance; the sample player has both a simple and a complex view; and library view modes and crate buttons move to screen centre.

Serato DJ 4 Deck View (extended waveforms)
All four decks, with the waveforms extended to the width of the screen.

The software has a curiously Torq 2.0-esque feel (maybe it’s in the “2D” nature of the icons?), while retaining some of the best design features of ITCH (they’ve simplified the famously simple setup screen even more, you still have library view).

But the big news is – as mentioned – how this is obviously the first step towards Serato Scratch Live merging into Serato DJ.

Serato DJ 4 Deck View (extended waveforms)
The Serato DJ four-deck view, showing this time the ITCH-esque extended waveforms

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