Last updated 16 November, 2017


Virtual DJ 7.3 is available now and adds a new more flexible search, better EQ and improved sound quality among other features.

Virtual DJ 7.3 has been released. This time the update majors on improving sound quality: Virtual DJ 7.3 boasts an improved sound engine, an automatic limiter, and an optional parametric EQ among its headline features.

While Virtual DJ’s users wait patiently for Virtual DJ 8 to go public, Virtual DJ’s 7.x upgrades seem to be coming thick and fast, with today’s Virtual DJ 7.3 being the third such update in just a couple of months.

There are also the usual updates for compatibility with new and shortly available DJ controllers, and other improvements like better jogwheel reactivity with controllers, better multi-field search, and inevitably a swathe of somewhat obscure bugfixes.

As always, Virtual DJ 7.3 is free for all registered Broadcaster/Pro Basic/Pro Full users. You can find full details on the Virtual DJ website.

Pleased to see that long-asked for parametric EQ making its way to Virtual DJ? Have you downloaded 7.3 yet, and if so, does it sound better to you? Please share your thoughts below


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