Over To You: Should I Take A Gig Playing Music I’ve Grown Out Of?

Last updated 15 November, 2017


calvin harris
Our reader started out DJing EDM from the likes of Calvin Harris (pictured) and Tiesto, but now he feels he’s outgrown it. So should he take a gig playing it?
Pic from: soundcloud

Digital DJ Tips reader Michael writes: “After almost a year of DJing I have become comfortable with playing in public, many thanks to your website and advice.

“Some of the DJs in my area have told they could get me a gig at a place they have played at, a place I have been to and know the crowd and music. The gig would be helpful in getting my foot in the door of my local scene – however I know I would have to play the music they expect.

“The music is the quite popularised hard electro/”EDM” style that plays in 80% of the clubs where I live and pulls easily the biggest crowds. I will not deny that I started out playing the music of the Calvin Harrises and the Tiestos of this world, but with time I moved away from that and have grown a strong passion for a mixture of deep house, indie and nu disco.

“My question is: Should I take the gig for the quick stepping stone into the broader, popular scene which I have no passion for, or should I continue pursuing my passion and get into the niche market?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Good question, and there’s no easy answer. If it were me, I’d take the gig and try and get a set together that crossed over into what I liked, so I could learn something artistically from it while at the same time benefiting from the foot in the door you speak of. Real DJs play; pretend ones sit at home wishing they were playing!

But then again, if you really despise it, it maybe wouldn’t make so much sense to take such a gig.

So I guess it depends to an extent on how far away you feel you’ve moved from that scene, and whether you think you could do a small bit of “education” as you entertained.

I am sure many readers have faced similar dilemmas though, so I’d like to throw this one open to see what our audience thinks.

So – over to you. Would you take the gig and get the experience and exposure, or would you hold out for a gig where you could play what you wanted? Please leave your advice for Michael below.

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