Over To You: How Can An 18 Year Old Get A Club Booking?

Last updated 11 April, 2018


Teenage girl DJ adjusting sound levels
So who’d book a teenage DJ? Truth is it’s not about how old you are, but about how much experience you’ve got. Get that, and doors will open.

Digital DJ Tips reader DJ Rinzler writes: “Hi Phil! I’ve been into EDM for about two years now and got my first controller about six months ago. I am very dedicated to DJing even though I’m very new. I know you have a lot of info about how to get the first gig but here’s the problem: I’m 18. I don’t think any club or bar is going to want an 18-year-old to DJ for them. So my question is this: how does an 18-year-old get a first gig?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Or a 21 year old, or a 25 year old… why would any venue take the chance on a new DJ, whatever their age? Look at it from their point of view – what have they got to gain by booking any unproven DJ – especially one that’s so young? I’m not being negative, just realistic. So unless your dad owns a club, you need to find another way. The best way I know is to throw your own parties and build up a local following. When you have that, the clubs will be more likely to book you. That will be because you’ll then have a following, but also, you’ll be a good DJ.

Because right now, you may be dedicated, but until you’ve got those “air miles” under your belt, you’re not a good DJ – public practice makes good DJs, not bedroom practice. Right now you’re a DJ with (hopefully) bags of potential. Time to turn that into something real.

I’d like our readers to share with you too, as I know many people reading this have had to get their first breaks or did so when they were around your age.

So – over to you. Were you 18 when you first got a booking? Are you an 18-year-old who’s successfully managed to get paid DJ work? Or like DJ Rinzler, are you struggling? Please share your thoughts, experiences and advice in the comments.

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