Over To You: How Do I Turn Off Pioneer DDJ-T1’s Scratch Mode?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
pioneer ddj-t1 Scratch Mode
Last updated 14 November, 2017


Pioneer DDJ-T1
The Pioneer DDJ-T1: Good choice if you’re coming from CDJs as the jogs feel similar – but how on earth do you turn off scratch mode?

Digital DJ Tips reader James writes: “I’ve got a gig this Friday and I’ll be using a Pioneer DDJ-T1 with Traktor for the first time, having come from Pioneer CDJ-1000s. “The only issue I’m having is the behaviour of the jogwheels on the DDJ-T1. When a track is playing if I push the jogwheel forwards or backwards from the edge, they act like they normally would in CD mode on a set of CDJ-1000s (speeding up or slowing down the track), but if I try the same thing by pressing on the top touch-sensitive platter, they act as vinyl records. “What I’m hoping for is a way for Traktor to ignore the press of the jogwheel altogether so they are only used for speeding up/slowing down. I hoped there was a way to do this in the mapping but I can’t figure out how. I’m using the mapping directly from Pioneer with Traktor Pro 2.6. Any ideas?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

We call the two modes you’re referring to as “nudge” and “scratch”, nudge being the speeding up/slowing down action by touching the edge of the jog, “scratch” begin the vinyl-type behaviour from touching the top.

Most controllers have a button that lets you switch this behaviour from nudge/scratch to just nudge, just as Pioneer CDJs do, but for some reason it seems the DDJ-T1 hasn’t – something I haven’t picked up on before, actually. Perhaps it is possible to disable this somehow from the mapping, but I don’t know how myself. In the meantime, my only advice is to use the edge of the jogs for all your “nudging”. Over to you! Can you do better? Do you know how James can adjust his mapping or unit so the whole jogwheel acts as a “nudge”? If you know (or can hazard a guess), please share your wisdom in the comments.

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