MixVibes Cross 2.4 Brings 4-Deck Support

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Cross 2.4 mixvibes
Last updated 13 November, 2017


Cross 2.4
MixVibes Cross 2.4 now offers four decks, and as well as working with controllers can, as you see here, work (in full HID) with up to four Pioneer CDJs.

MixVibes has moved closer to the biggest names in DJ software by brings four decks to its Cross software as of the latest version, Cross 2.4. The company has also added out of the box compatibility with a number of the latest DJ controllers, including the Mixtrack 2 and Mixtrack Pro 2, the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo, and the original Numark Mixtrack.

MixVibes is making a big deal about the tight HID mapping of Cross to up to four Pioneer CDJs, and indeed the hero video is basically a huge CDJ set-up with Mixvibes at its heart, but MixVibes also says that “mappings for popular four-deck controllers are included”. Just as well – this kind of set-up is going to be out of reach of most DJs reading this. As with Traktor, decks C & D can be switched between track players or samplers, and the newly redesigned sampler layout is clearer to read, with individual waveforms for each pad waveform, to make it easy to know what sample is playing.

Cross 2.4
Adjusting the beatgridding on the new four-deck iteration of MixVibes Cross DJ software.

Mixvibes says the sync has been redesigned with a “Sync Link” based on the Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus workflow, although the previous sync system is also available. In our view the simpler sync is the better, but its good that there’s a choice here so users can decide which works best for them. Other improvements include the ability to manage four stereo outputs (obviously essential if you want to use it in external mixer mode with the new channels) and the ability to total time duration of a playlist. The new versions of the software in Cross and CrossDJ flavours are available now priced from US$49-US$99 via the company’s website.

Nicely priced, fully featured software or not something that’d interest you? Would you use this with CDJs? Are you a MixVibes user glad to see four decks and improved sampler performance? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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