Friday Roundup: “I’ve Thrown Away My CDs and Listen To My Laptop”

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 13 November, 2017


‘I have ended up only listening to Rihanna. On Spotify.’ – one ex music journalist admits that digital is the worst thing that could have happened for her love of music.

It’s been all about helping established DJs convert to digital this week here at Digital DJ Tips – if that sounds like you and you haven’t got our guide and seen our special video yet, you can get them instantly by clicking here. Meanwhile, we’ve been loving the following stuff from around the web: There is a heartfelt argument as to why digital music sometimes misses the mark, a load of smarty-pants DJ books for you to impress your mates with, and some practical tips for getting your music heard on SoundCloud:

  1. Music has died now I’ve thrown away my CDs and only listen on my laptop – Ever wondered why your audience’s attention span seems to have shortened? Why they only want to hear pop? Why YOU only want to hear pop? Maybe a little of the stuff this Guardian article speaks of is rubbing off on you, too. It pays to know the enemy… Read more
  2. 10 More Essential + Rare Books For DJs and Producers – They’re definitely rare, but in all honesty they’re not all essential (if you only ever read one book on DJing, make it Last Night A DJ Saved My Life). However, DJ Tech Tools has dug out some curiosities here, and it’s always good to know your roots… Read more
  3. How to Make the Most of Your Music on SoundCloud – This is aimed at producers, but it could work for DJ mixes too (if yours stay up there, that is). Some common-sense advice from CDBaby and top SoundClouders, plus a link to a bigger, earlier article. Read more

What do you think of the articles we’ve gathered here? Has digital music dulled your enjoyment of music as a whole? Any DJing books you’d care to recommend? And would you like to add anything to CDBaby’s SoundCloud tips? Please let us know in the comments.

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