Kickstarter: Djoclate II Mini Bluetooth DJ Mixer

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Last updated 13 November, 2017


djoclate 2
Add a couple of music sources and a Bluetooth speaker to the Pepperdecks Djoclate II and you’ve got an instant party…

Here’s a cool little idea that could do with your help on Kickstarter, if you fancy owning one. It’s called the Pepperdecks Djoclate II, and it’s a tiny USB-charged DJ mixer for two sources, designed for simple mixing at impromptu parties, to save the old iPod plug/unplug routine with long gaps that always seems to happen at such events. You plug two portable music devices (MP3 players, phones, iPods etc) into it, and it gives you headphones cueing, bass kill switches for a little bit of DJ drama, and even Bluetooth-out for wireless feeding to external speakers.

Djoclate II
It looks like a nice bit of design, as well as a novel little idea.

Of course you’re not going to want to attempt beatmatching on it, but for its stated purpose it will do the job well, and we for one would love to have had such a device at some of the “after pub” parties we’ve ended up in. Plus, it looks like a really nice little bit of design. You can hardwire it to the external speakers too if you wish, and it will shop with 2 x 3.5mm audio cables and a mini-USB for charging.

The company sold over 2,000 of the original Djoclate (the world is a play on “chocolate”, at least in Dutch it is!), but this one crucially adds the all-important headphones monitoring that even this level of simple DJing can benefit hugely from.

Want one? It’ll cost you around US$80 if you sign up to their Kickstarter now.




• A version of this article first appeared last weekend but was deleted from the site due to reasons outside of our control.

Does this look like a cool little device to you? Would you be happy to be the hero of the party and get the music going by whipping one of these out? Let us know in the comments…

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