Friday Roundup: Daft Punk Condoms To Be Released

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Friday roundup
Last updated 13 November, 2017


Daft Punk condoms: Will you Get Lucky this weekend?
Daft Punk condoms: Will you Get Lucky this weekend?

We haven’t been able to move for controllers, mixers and media players here in the Digital DJ Tips studio this week, as we’ve been busy filming all the videos of the “gear” section of our forthcoming Digital DJ Masterclass online course. However, I’ve also had time to keep an eye on the web, and found a “crazy but true?” Daft Punk story, an interesting article for all you genre boffins, and a fresh discussion on how live dance music can move past accusations of “button pushing”. Read on…

  1. Daft Punk Condoms To Be Released– Daft Punk have a condom named after their hit “Get Lucky”. The cover and title of the French dance duo’s mega hit has apparently been immortalised on the front of the packets of new condoms made by Durex, with the band’s logo on the back, reports Contact Music… Read more
  2. How Dubstep, Juke, Cloud Rap & Many More Got Their Names… – Fact Mag has collected detailed accounts of how and why some of the more memorable genre terms of the last few decade came into being. Read more
  3. Are EDM Live Shows Inherently Limited Or Do They Have Greater Potential?– “The default mode for EDM performance largely seems to be a DJ with a light show,” reports Hypebot, as it discusses whether this really needs to go any further, and if so, how. Read more

Do you think Daft Punk condoms are aimed at the, ahem, bedroom DJ? Do you have any mad and obscure genres to share with us that we haven’t heard about yet? And finally, does it even matter that “live” EDM may be a bit less than, you know, live? Share away in the comments, people!

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