Immediate Price Crash On Traktor Kontrol S2

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Native Instruments traktor kontrol s2
Last updated 9 November, 2017


The Traktor Kontrol S2
The Traktor Kontrol S2: Discounted at a store near you as of today, until stocks last…

In a further sign that the Traktor Kontrol S2/S4 controllers are coming to the end of their lives, Native Instruments today announced a price crash on the Kontrol S2 to follow that previously announced for the the Kontrol S4. You can now buy the Kontrol S2 for $399 / €399 – a 20% reduction on the previous price. The clue that this is probably a stock clearance to make way for a new model is in the press release: “The offer is valid from today until August 31 2013, or until stocks last…”

Whether or not the S2 is to be replaced (and we think it’s a fair bet that it is), it is still a good buy: For this price you get a decent, proven DJ controller and full-strength pro software. It’s all you need to learn to DJ (just add laptop, headphones and some kind of powered speakers). As Native Instruments says in the press release:

“All essential functions, including looping, cueing, effects control, and track browsing have dedicated hardware controls, allowing DJs to focus on performance and not the computer screen.”

Additional information is available from the Native Instruments website.

So will you be taking them up on this offer? Or will you wait to see what’s around the corner? Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments!

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