Friday Roundup: 12 Awkward Dance Music Moment’s You Can’t Un-See

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Friday roundup
Last updated 9 November, 2017


Calvin Harris
He officially earned more money than any other DJ last year – but how much? find out below…

In-between recording further sections on advanced mixing for the Digital DJ Masterclass, and doing some digital DJing down on the beach (well, it is summer!), we’ve managed to uncover some real gems from the big wide web for you this week. From dance music’s most cringeworthy moments to the truth about what top DJs really earn, there’s plenty here to keep you amused and amazed through the weekend. Have a good one folks!

  1. 12 Awkward Dance Music Moment’s You Can’t Un-See – In The Mix has compiled 12 of the most awkward, cringeworthy moments ever committed to film in the name of dance music, and you can watch them all in one place here… Watch them
  2. How To Find The Best Streaming Music Service For You – We think using a streaming music service for background music discovery and shortlisting is a great move for DJs. But which one? This infographic, reported by Hypebot, can help you to decide… Read more
  3. Calvin Harris Beats Tiesto To Top Of DJ Rich List – Forbes has published its DJ rich list for 2013, reports Mixmag, which shows Scottish pop/dance DJ/producer Calvin Harris displacing Tiesto as the highest-paid DJ in the world, earning a staggering $46 million… Read more
  4. From Garrard to Technics: How British DJs Began To Mix – The ever-reliable Greg Wilson with a fascinating insight into how beatmixing originally “crossed the pond” from the US to the UK. This is a great read if you have a bit of time. Read more

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