Friday Roundup: Is EDM Killing The Art Of DJing?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Friday roundup
Last updated 9 November, 2017


Sean P.Diddy Combs
Sean “P.Diddy” Combs earns way more than EDM’s #1, Calvin Harris – see the full hip hop top earners in one of our stories this week.

Firstly, apologies if you’re still awaiting the Reader Survey 2013 results. We haven’t forgotten: We’ll be publishing them next week. So this week a huge debate about whether EDM is killing the art of DJing (we’ll be publishing our take on this on Monday). Also, why you shouldn’t trust iCloud with your music, and why hip hop still eclipses DJing for big earners…

  1. Is EDM Killing The Art Of DJing? – Writing in Mixmag, Tim Sheridan argues that “plastic DJs” are at the heart of the supposed demise in the art of DJing Read more
  2. The Case Of The Disappearing Tracks: Your Music Is Not Safe On Apple’s iCloud – We’re all for cloud storage of music and we’ve heralded iCloud before – but this is an eye-opening article from Hypebot about an apparent downside of the service Read more
  3. The Forbes Hip-Hop Rich List Leaves DJs In The Dust – So you thought the DJ earnings story we covered a few weeks ago was an eye-opener? Wait till you’ve seen this one (from Forbes via In The Mix) Read more

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