Over To You: How Can I Play Underground Music In A Top 40 Town?

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Last updated 9 November, 2017


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Is this as good as it gets in your area’s nightlife scene? Don’t put up with it then – get out there and show them an alternative!

Digital DJ Tips reader Sriram writes: “In the area that I DJ, all that people want to hear is America’s Top 40 and other pop music. I’ve noticed EDM has trickled down into it a little, but I feel like I really hate some of the tunes requested. I prefer to DJ (and listen to) deep house, electro house, and trap, but I don’t feel like my audience would appreciate an hour and a half long set of house and trap. No one in my area really listens to EDM that deeply as well. Any advice for me? Thanks!”

Digital DJ Tips says:

You’re not the only one into that stuff! In your area, there are other people who feel like you. Your job is to find them, and then put on a small event. Offer an alternative to what you hate about the scene in your town. What you have is actually a golden opportunity to start something worthwhile, as there’s no competition – nobody else is doing it in your town yet!

Get into this mindset, use the internet to find like-minded souls in your area, hire a small room (that room you’re already thinking of? Hire one half the size…) and DJ the party yourselves. Then do it again. Before you know it, you’ll have started a small scene in your town. Then you might be surprised to find that America’s Top 40 and other pop music is actually not what all the people want to hear in your area. And you’ll never know unless you try. Good luck!

Have you faced this same problem? What did you do? Throw parties? Take on DJ jobs playing music you didn’t like? Move to a different city? Please share your solutions in the comments!

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