Friday Roundup: “These So-Called DJs…”

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Friday roundup Jesus Pose DJs Russell Peters
Last updated 9 November, 2017


Jesus pose
‘Oi mate, put your headphones back on and do some work!’ While I don’t think most would accuse Armin Van Buuren of being a ‘push play’ DJ, in today’s Roundup, Russell Peters take a swipe at what he sees to be the falseness at the heart of some DJing today…

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Time for our regular round-up of what’s going on out there on the DJing and music web, and in this week’s Friday round-up, comedian Russell Peters lambasts the Jesus pose; one punter explains why he never dances at weddings; and some sound advice on staying on track with your DJing.

  1. Funnyman Russell Peters takes aim at “these so-called DJs” – In a sketch from his stand-up comedy show, reported by In The Mix, the Jesus pose crew come in for some stick Read more
  2. Six Reasons I Won’t Dance At Your Wedding – LA Weekly blogger takes aim at wedding DJs in this humorous piece Read more
  3. Focus and become a better DJ – Our friends over at Traktor Tips give some sound advice on how to keep on track with your DJing Read more

Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Do you think “Jesus posing” is acceptable? Do you dance at weddings? Have you say on our stories this week in the comments below.

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