Friday Roundup: 25 Years Since The Birth Of Acid House

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 8 November, 2017


Roland TB-303
The Roland 303 was used and abused to produce the distinctive basslines of acid house, that ushered in a whole new scene 25 years ago that’s still bossing popular music worldwide today.

This week we’ve been filming with SimmoJ, one of our star Scratching For Controller DJs students, who’s kindly flown in to spend some time with us to share his incredible story, a transformation from total beginner to… well, you’ll see very soon when we drop the free training next week!

Meanwhile out on the web this week, we’ve found some great stuff: Is it really 25 years since acid house? Even if you wanted to, is it still possible to be a DJ who plays new music, and vinyl only? And check out the DJ controller that thinks it’s a spy’s briefcase! It’s all here, so enjoy the links, and have a great weekend.

  1. Can It Really Be 25 Years Since The Birth Of Acid House? – How times flies when you’re having fun! For some of us, ground zero wasn’t EDM but another scene that paved the way for it… The Independent has the report Read more
  2. Faderfox DJ44: Full, Rugged Aluminium DJ Controller for Ableton, Traktor – in a Case – We loved this, someone’s doing something a bit different for mobile DJs or DVS guys wanting a rugged button box. Create Digital Music has the story Read more
  3. Analogue vs Digital: A Scratch Battle – What happens when you pitch a full-size turntable against a lowly Vestax Spin in a scratch battle? Check this YouTube video to find out… Watch video
  4. Can DJs Keep It Real And Only Spin Vinyl? DJ Worx takes a look at whether, even if a DJ wanted to spin just vinyl, it is even possible today Read more

Finally, don’t forget to let us have your views on scratching with controllers in our super-short survey if you haven’t already done so. Here’s the link again: Scratching survey.

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