Cross DJ For Android Gets Pre-Cueing

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 6 April, 2018


Cross DJ split cueing
Add a mono splitter cable and you’ve got a fully functioning DJ system with headphones pre-cueing on your Android smartphone or tablet.

There’s precious little DJ software for Android worth speaking of, and there are millions of Android devices out there (and I suspect millions more in people’s hands when tomorrow’s Christmas presents have been dished out). Enter Cross DJ For Android, a pretty accomplished DJ app from the MixVibes stable. when we reviewed it a couple of weeks ago, our only real beef was the lack of any ability to cue using headphones – pretty essential for serious DJing.

Well, they didn’t wait around; today we got a press release telling us that pre-cueing is now available. All you need is a mono splitter cable to separate the left and right stereo channels of your Android device’s headphones output and you’re off: You plug your headphones into one, and your speakers into the other, in time-honoured “no audio interface” hack style.

Detail of where to find the new pre-cueing functions on the small and large layout of the software.

The company has also added an automix, function for those who want to take things further away from real DJing rather than closer to it. (Although to be fair stepping away from your device at a family get-together and letting it automix for you for half an hour isn’t exactly a hangable crime.)

• The app costs US$4.99 / £3.29 from the Play Store

Have you got this app? Will you be doing so over the Christmas period? Share your thoughts on it below once you’ve had a play!

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