Friday Roundup: 2013 Dance Music Review + 4 More Stories

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Friday roundup
Last updated 8 November, 2017


‘It felt like you couldn’t move ten metres for a four-to-the-floor beat during 2013. Quite literally, too, during the summer months.’ – Read The Quietus’s review of the dancefloor in 2013 via the link below below. Pic: The Quietus / Anna Spysz

It’s the last Friday Roundup before Christmas, but to be completely honest we’ll be working right through this year, as there’s so much going on here at Digital DJ Tips Towers right now, the biggest thing being the continued filming of the Digital DJ Masterclass course… it’s getting really exciting!

Meanwhile, please do what we say and not what we do, and have a long, fun and well-deserved break this holiday season. Here’s a bumper load of reading for you to keep you amused when Christmas telly gets, y’know, a bit much. All the best!

  1. 2013 Dance Music Review – An absolutely fantastic review of the year in dance music, from The Quietus Read more
  2. One-on-one with Armin van Buuren – Really good interview with the trance legend, from In The Mix. Especially strong when talking about playing warm-up sets. Read more
  3. Your Next Speakers Could Show “Now-Playing” Songs – Some DJs would love this idea, as reported by Hypebot, but I can see many hating it too! Read more
  4. The Biggest Party Animals In Dance Music – From In The Mix again, an amusing compilation of video clups and text to prop up their list of the 10 most hedonistic DJ/producers Read more
  5. Bottle Service Is Over At New York Clubs – Interesting article from Business Insider picking up on the apparent trend away from VIP-centric club policies Read more

For those of you who we’re not going to be welcoming to the site over the festivities, enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you on the other side. Chou! 🙂

How was 2013 for you? How was the dance scene where you live this year? Got anything you’d like to add about any of the articles above? Please do so in the comments!

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