DJ Player 7.1 Brings Pitch Shifting To iOS DJing

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DJ Player
Last updated 7 November, 2017


DJ Player 7.1
DJ Player 7.1 eschews many of the conventional norms of DJ software, but offers innovative and rock-solid performance, and an emphasis on backwards compatibility that marks it out from the crowd.

Renegade iOS DJ software maker iMect has announced the latest version of its iPad and iPhone software, DJ Player, promising a host of new features with the same rock-solid performance back to the iPhone 3GS. The latest incarnation of this purist DJ program offers a higher quality timestretch engine with “no more pitch bend artefacts”, as well as pitch shifting for harmonic mixing, allowing the user to change pitch up or down a full octave.

The developer claims the latest version has “super nice scratch sound, and even lower latency, the best in mobile DJing” and that “pitch shifting is available from the first iPad, with same audio quality”.

The software has always had a leading feature set: While a lot has been made of Pacemaker bringing Spotify to an iPad DJ app, DJ Player has got Deezer baked right in, and has had for quite a while now, too. With key analysis promised as the “next obvious step”, DJ Player’s audience can look forward to what may turn out to be an eventful year for this intriguing DJ app, following on from the arrival last year of DVS compatibility, and ever-advancing controller/sound card support.

• DJ Player is free for iPad & iPhone in the App Store, with a number of In-App Purchases available to extend its capabilities.

Are you user of DJ Player, and if so, have you tried the features of the new version yet? Do you use it without performance issues on an older device? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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