Friday Roundup: DJ Phones Reviewed, Underwater Turntable & 8 More

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 8 November, 2017


Submerged turntable
Turntables are just like ‘roaches, they never die, always living… even when totally submerged underwater, it seems.

Welcome to the first Friday Roundup on the new-look Digital DJ Tips! Clearly there are lots of red-eyed people around here after a week of trying to get the new site working at least 90% how we’d like it to. But happily, all that hanging around in front of screens waiting for caches to clear and servers to reboot has also led also to us uncovering a bumper crop of useful, interesting and just plain bizarre stuff from around the internet in the DJ, music and clubbing worlds. Read on…

  1. Dubspot DJ Headphone Roundup 2014 – Looking for some new ‘phones? While it’s not comprehensive, this is the best roundup I’ve seen online for a while, and at least this one is bang up to date… Read more
  2. It’s Official: Men And Women Like Totally Different Music – Scroll half way down the page to get to the bit that shows the ugly truth: Out there in the mainstream, men and women really are from musical Mars & Venus… or so say the folks at Musical Machinery Read more
  3. Instantly Play The Most Important Song By Any Act – Have you ever heard a new artist and just wanted to hear their best song? Now you can reports Evolver FM… Read more
  4. Rane Sixty-Four Serato DJ Mixer Review – DJWorx gets its hands on the heavyweight newcomer to the Serato DJ scene, from Serato’s long-time mixer cohorts, Rane Read more
  5. Five Ways To Spend Less Time Online And More Time Creating – Get a load of this JustGo post if you find yourself flitting from social media channel to social media channel and never getting that mix or tune finished! Read more
  6. How To Control Ableton Live From Android – Create Digital Music reports on an app that aims to make sure iOS users don’t have all the Ableton portable fun… Read more
  7. Roland AIRA Series Is Here – Anyone musical of a certain age will swoon at the very mention of 303, 808 and 909… here are those iconic music making boxes’ successors, as reported by Create Digital Music Read more
  8. North Australia To Outlaw “Out-Of Control” House Parties – Jonty Skrufff uncovers a fiendish plot to stop private parties of more than 12 people where “at least 3 are misbehaving”… Read more
  9. Creating One-Button FX Builds In Traktor – If you’ve ever played with the velocity FX on the Vestax VCI-380… well, these aren’t quite the same, but they’re cool nonetheless. DJ Tech Tools reveals all Read more
  10. Submerged Turntable That Still Plays – This turntable art installation as uncovered by This Is Colossal shows vinyl and water go together just fine. Sounds OK too, surprisingly. Read more

Let us know your thoughts on these and any other big stories you’ve enjoyed here or elsewhere this week, in the comments below.

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