Friday Roundup: Hardwell Gig Goes Disastrously Wrong

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Friday roundup Hardwell
Last updated 8 November, 2017


Hardwell DJing. But at a UK venue packed with teenagers, many allegedly underaged, it all went badly wrong this week for the Dutch DJ…

We’re all off to a top London club for the weekend, to do some behind-the-scenes interviews and filming for our forthcoming Digital DJ Masterclass video course – but on the way out the door we’ve brought together a great big pile of hot news from the DJ & music world for you.

There’s a Hardwell gig that shows what happens when you pack 10,000 (many underaged) teenagers into a venue, scientific studies on where people comment on SoundCloud tunes (really), Seth Troxler on the art of DJing… and much more. Read on, and see you on the other side!

  1. “Disaster Zone” Outside Hardwell Gig – More than 100 clubbers treated by paramedics for the effects of alcohol and, in some cases drugs, at a concert in Belfast, reports the BBC Read more
  2. SoundClouders Love Commenting On The Drop In Dubstep Songs – Evolver has some amusing and interesting research looking at where people leave comments on SoundCloud tracks, with particular reference to dubstep… Read more
  3. Pacemaker DJ App Mixes Spotify with iPad – Create Digital Music has a full hands-on of what could be a revolutionary DJ app Read more
  4. Seth Troxler On Growing Up In Detroit & The Art Of DJing – The Visionquest founder tells FutureMusic about his technique and formative influences – and why talented DJs often fail Read more
  5. Five Reasons SoundCloud With Major Label Music Could Be Amazing – building on the story we broke last week, Evolver fleshes out why this could be a huge move… Read more

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