Friday Roundup: Carl Cox On Why Music Trumps Mixing

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Friday roundup
Last updated 29 January, 2015


Carl Cox
Carl Cox has nearly 30 years of experience at the top, and has some great lessons to share as to how you get to and stay where you want to be as a DJ.

Into day three here at Musikmesse, and we’re going to take a little break from the madness of the show floors to bring you this week’s Friday Roundup. With our new free digital DJ training now just days away, Carl Cox picks up on some of the themes we touch on in the first article below – and check out that umbrella in the final article we link to!

  1. Carl Cox Interviewed – A true veteran of the dance music scene tells Fact Magazine why music trump mixing, muses on where the passion has gone from DJing and offers some wise advice on transporting 150,000 records! Read more
  2. Video Talkthrough: DJ Set-up For Live Radio – Ever thought about doing a radio broadcast from your home studio? Here Traktor Tips talks us through how they set up for theirs. Read more
  3. Deadmau5: “All EDM Sounds The Same To Me” – Deadmau5 talks to In The Mix about making techno and about how he got involved with Richie Hawtin, but under another name… Read more
  4. Review: Pioneer RMX-500 Effects Unit – DJ Tech Tools gets to grips with this new FX hardware unit from Pioneer, the smaller brother to the RMX-1000 Read more
  5. A Surround Sound System You Can Carry Like An Umbrella, “Anywhere” – It’s not DJing but we had to slip this one in for its delightful bizarreness – a surround sound system spotted by Create Digital Music that works, handheld, above your head. Could this kind of thing end up being built into our clothes? Read more

Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of these stories, and anything else you’ve spotted out there this week, in the comments below.

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