Friday Roundup: Beatgrids In Serato, Ghost Producing, Bizarre Turntable Art...

Turntable art

And you thought turntables were just for playing records, right? DJWorx has news of some bizarre experiments in turntable art that show another side to the wheels of steel...

A right old variety of great stuff from around the internet this week. We've got a fantastic tutorial on beatgrids in Serato from DJ Tech Tools, a second take on Mixed In Key's Flow software from Audiofanzine, an article that passed us by but is a must-read on "ghost producing" in EDM from Crossfadr, some Beatport Pro/Traktor advice from Traktor Tips, and some bizarre turntable art from retro-lovin' DJWorx. Enjoy them all and have a great weekend!

  1. How To Set Beatgrids In Serato - To some they're unnecessary, to others they enable DJing, but whatever your view on them, beatgrids are definitely done differently in Serato to Traktor - and here's an explanation of how Read more
  2. Mixed In Key Flow Review - We admire Mixed In Key for releasing Flow, a different take on DJing that has a certain elegant simplicity about it. Here's a new review if you missed ours last year Read more
  3. Ghost producing: What The EDM Industry Doesn't Want You To Know - Actually, this stuff has been going on for years, but if you weren't aware you still might find this revelation a bit of a shocker… Read more
  4. How To Sync Beatport Pro With Traktor - It's not exactly a "hack", but there is a knack to getting Beatport Pro, the company's new music library software for DJs, working with Traktor. Here's how… Read more
  5. Bizarre Turntable Art - Pete Tong once said "techno is the music the machines make when the people have gone home for the night". Maybe this is the artwork turntables make when the DJs have left the building… Read more

Want to comment on any of these stories? Spotted anything else going on around the web you feel we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The Ghost-Producing thing is interesting. While on one hand I believe in artists doing their job and not pretending to be an artist driven by a marketing dept...the other hand makes me think one could make money ghost-producing, but I'd be demanding a fee plus percentage of sales/royalties. Just in case your tune blows up you get a piece of the pie.

  2. foldable disco says:

    I know some people who (co) write music for (Dutch) EDM big names. This is not a suprise if you see the touring schedules of the "DJ's" in question.
    I don't understand why you have to produce music to be a famous dj? A dj is not automatic a great writer/producer and visa versa. So what are the "top" dj's doing? Buying their music from other musicians, because it's not cool to say: I love to play music, but making it? No way lets leave that to the pro's!

    You know what eventually happened to Milli Vanilli? So be warned :-)

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