Friday Roundup: The Residents Who Shaped Clubland

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 7 November, 2017


Ricardo Villalobos & Sven Väth at Cocoon, Amnesia, Ibiza: One of the greatest resident DJ partnerships of all time.

In this age of huge festivals, DJs as pop stars, costumes, crowd surfing and cake throwing, it would do us good to remember that all over the world are music-loving guys and girls who turn up, switch on and play all night – same venue, same crowd, week in, week out. The resident DJs, the unsung heroes, and in my view, a rite of passage all DJs should experience. In our lead Friday Roundup story this week, Mixmag looks at some of the best residencies and their DJs, past and present.

  1. The Residents Who Shaped Clubland – With all this talk of superstar DJ/producers and DJs as rock stars, it pays to remember that a club residency is a hallowed and fantastic thing. Mixmag highlights some of the best Read more
  2. How To Play Long 5 Hour DJ Sets – To some of us older DJs this actually IS a DJ set, but if you’re used to playing 1-2 hours, here’s some advice from DJ Tech Tools on how to pace it all right… Read more
  3. DJ From Your Heart & Stop Letting Your Ego Hold You Back – Heartfelt piece from Traktor Tips (a site whose name is seeming less relevant over time!) about how gear doesn’t really matter… it’s the music that counts. Too right, Alan! Read more
  4. Beginners Guide To Writing Better Basslines – For our readers who are dabbling in production, here’s a great little guide from Music Tuts demystifying that most important of elements, the bassline Read more
  5. Vintage Footage Of Frankie Knuckles At The Power House – RA uncovers a subliminal piece of video from Chicago back in the day of the late, great Mr Knuckles Read more

That’s it for this week folks, have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday (when, after a three week wait peppered with more MiFi modems than we care to mention, Digital DJ Tips’ new office apparently will finally have ADSL. We’ll see…). 🙂

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