Friday Roundup: 21 DJs Complaining About Their Privileged Lifestyles

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 7 November, 2017


Tiesto: He’s not happy with United Airlines or Apple. And as you’ll see below, lots of DJs aren’t happy about a hell of a lot of things…

We’re not going to go on about the (admittedly amusing) Seth Troxler article on Thump (or the Laidback Luke rebuttal), as we’ve been through that whole debate time and time again here on Digital DJ Tips.

No, in a week where I’ve publicly whinged yet again about having to run a bloody internet business on a 3G modem, instead I’m going to guiltily lead on a story about DJs complaining. Yikes, they even picked up on something I said, once (you’d have to find it, though, I’m not telling!). Have a great weekend!

  1. 21 DJs Complaining About Their Unbelievably Privileged Lifestyles – BuzzFeed reports on some moans from superstar DJs, taken from the @djscomplaining Twitter account Read more
  2. Are There Too Many Record Labels? – Interesting article about whether the proliferation of online record labels has led to a decline in the quality of music, from Mixmag Read more
  3. The Evolution of the CDJ Informative video from Pioneer about the history of the bit of kit that killed vinyl. Now, do you think this is a teaser for what they’re planning next? Watch it
  4. The 808 Cube – It’s an ‘808 drum machine! It’s a Rubik’s Cube! It’s both! Check this bit of fun out (only on Google Chrome) Read more
  5. Beatport Takes A Stand Against Cheaters… …but the whole debate raises larger questions about buying music from charts online. As reported by Dancing Astronaut Read more
  6. How To Increase your SoundCloud Plays – Perhaps incongruously especially after the last item, Traktor Tips here reports a (totally legit) way of increasing your SoundCloud plays Read more
  7. Get To Know DJing Styles – Most DJs grasp this stuff instinctively, but it’s good to see it laid out like this. I’m definitely Beatmatch – Multigenre with a bit of Selector – Multigenre thrown in (you gotta read it, it’s over on JustGo) Read more

• Thanks to everyone who suggested stories this week – much appreciated!

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