Controller Clinic #32: I Need A Controller With A Split Cue Function!

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Denon MC6000 Split cue
Last updated 6 November, 2017


Few controllers have a ‘split cue’ function for 100% in-headphone beatmixing (this is one of the exceptions).

New reader Kevin writes: “I am in the need for some advice regarding switching over fully to a digital DJ set-up. To give you some background, I have been DJing for the last 15 years on vinyl/ CD / Serato. I’ve looked at your PDF guide to buying a DJ controller and it gave me a really good overview, but I didn’t see any controllers mentioned in your guide that had a split cue function. This is a really key feature for me as I live in a flat so am not able to play loud music.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

For readers who aren’t sure what Kevin’s asking for, a “split cue” is a standard setting on most decent standalone DJ mixers, and it’s used (usually) to play the master output in one ear, and the song you’re cueing up in the other ear. Usually, we’ll use the speakers (at home, your only speakers, in a club, the booth speaker/s) as our “master audio” when mixing. But in places where there’s no booth monitor and the master speakers are a long way away, or as Kevin says, where you have to practise very quietly, having this ability to have the “speakers” playing in one ear and the “next tune” in the other allows you to beatmatch accurately without the benefit of an actual speaker close to you.

Unfortunately, this function has fallen from favour with DJ controller manufacturers, and very few models have a split cue. For you Kevin, I’d recommend looking at the Denon DJ MC6000 Mk2, as you’re used to Serato DVS, and the software is similar, and it’s one controller I definitely know has a split cue function. But I want to throw this over to the readers too as my knowledge is not exhaustive on the subject!

So, over to you! Have you searched high and low for a split cue-enabled DJ controller? What solution did you come up with? Please let us have your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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