Map Video FX To Your Mixer With MixEmergency 2.6

Last updated 6 November, 2017


MixEmergency 2.6
MixEmergency 2.6 lets you map video FX on your Midi compatible mixer/controller through the Mixer FX feature.

MixEmergency – the third-party Serato DJ video mixing plugin from Inklen – has reached v2.6, bringing with it the ability to map video effects using the EQ, filter, and FX section of your Midi compatible mixer. This essentially turns a knob in your controller into a macro, letting you save these settings as presets for recall throughout the course of a DJ set.

The inherent problem with being both a DJ and a VJ simultaneously is that while you’re busy scanning the crowd, mixing songs and planning what to play next, you also have the daunting task of playing back visuals and manipulating them for the entire club all at once.

MixEmergency attempts to simplify this task by tying in various VJ controls to your DJ controller, so that while you’re performing a DJ task (eg crossfading from one song to another), you’re executing a VJ-related one as well (eg transitioning from one video clip to the next). Being able to assign video effects to your DJ controller’s EQs, filters, and FX knobs is a clever solution to the issue.

• find out more about MixEmergency 2.6 on the Inklen website

Are you looking to add visuals to your DJ set, but are scared of it all “getting too much”? Does the ideas of simplifying the DJ/VJs workflow in this way thus appeal to you? Are you a current MixEmergency user excited by these developments? Please let us know in the comments!

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