Allen & Heath Launches Xone:K1 Modular DJ Controller

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Allen & Heath Modular DJ controllers Xone:K1 xone:k2
Last updated 6 November, 2017


The Xone:K1 slots in alongside the Xone:K2 in Allen & Heath’s range, but is purely Midi, with no audio interface.

Allen & Heath has announced the launch of a new DJ controller, the Xone:K1, joining the Xone:K2 in the company’s range. Essentially a Xone:K2 without a built-in audio interface, the controller is Midi mappable to all major DJ software, and can be used for setting levels, triggering hot cues, adding effects and controlling looping in any modular / DVS / minimal DJ set-up. Its 6 endless push rotaries, 12 analogue pots, 4 line faders and 30 backlit RGB buttons make it highly flexible (52 controls in all), and it has both USB and X:Link connections for networking with other compatible Allen & Heath gear such as the Xone:23C, Xone:DB2 and Xone:DB4 digital mixers.

Slimline and lightweight, the Xone:K1 is nonetheless a powerful controller, with 52 separately programmable Midi actions.

Build quality is the same high standard as the Xone:K2 with a steel front, nutted pots yet overall a lightweight construction. An optional black padded case not only protects it, but raises it up to the same level as most pro DJ mixers.

“Xone:K1 is a valuable and key addition to the Xone family, providing vast control of popular software programs, slotting into multiple DJ hardware set ups across the range with simple plug ‘n play connection, and constructed to withstand life with the travelling DJ,” said Xone product specialist, Greg Ibbotson.

• It will be available imminently, costing £159. There’s a promo video here.

Have you been looking forward to a Xone:K2 style device but without audio interface? Can you see yourself slotting a modular controller like this into your set-up? share your thoughts on the new Xone:K1 below!

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