Over To You: How Do I Deal With Jealousy From Other DJs?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Dj jealousy over to you
Last updated 30 August, 2017


Today’s question comes from a DJ who is struggling to deal with other DJs jealous of his success so far. Can you offer any advice?

Digital DJ Tips subscriber Matt writes: “Hi guys. Big fan of your articles. My equipment inventory and organisation are attributed to you! One thing I would like some advice on is dealing with rival DJs/jealousy. I’ve recently (due to working my a** off) been getting a lot of club bookings and managed to get a residency. I live in a fairly small place and get a lot of stick from rivals and their friends, to the point that I really feel like hanging the headphones up. It’s quite off-putting really. Do you have any advice for me?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

I totally share your pain, Matt. Whether it’s people trying to go behind your back to steal your gigs, or people shaking their heads slowly and saying “give it up, mate!” after a bad mix (we all do ’em), or people laughing at you – or worse – unfortunately it’s just the way some people are. The truth is that there’s only one place any DJ wants to be and that’s behind the decks… and that’s where you are. Not them. See where this is coming from?

The fact is, you’re an OK DJ! You deserve to be where you are! Sure you’re not the best in the world yet (I’m guessing you’d agree with me on that…), but you’re certainly not the worst! Never let anyone tell you otherwise. The only way to improve is to play out, and look at it this way: Every single gig you play that they don’t, you’re pulling a little further away from them.

So smile, have a thick skin, ignore bitchy criticism (while taking on board constructive stuff) and remember: You’re ahead. You’re in control. If you weren’t doing something right, they wouldn’t be trying to put you down. Or to put it another way, anyone trying to put you down is already below you…

Have you ever had to deal with jealousy, or people trying to bring you down, or being cruel to you about your DJing? How did you cope with it? Any advice to offer to Matt? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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