Friday Roundup: Do You Know Your Vaporwave From Your Skwee?

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 6 November, 2017


Music Snob
Think you know your music? We’ve got a list of genres you’ve probably never heard of in this week’s Friday Roundup. Read on to impress your fellow music snobs (kidding)

Today, you can learn about and listen to some electronic music genres that seem to come straight from Bizarro World (that’s the vaporwave and skwee from the headline…); get remix, production, and controllerism tips; and learn how to start building your brand as a DJ. These stories and more, handpicked and wrapped in a neat, shiny weekend package we call our Friday Roundup!

  1. Think You Know Your Genres? Try Deepfilthstep And Fallen Angel! – Even though you may think you’re “hip” to music that’s just about to become hip, here are some music genres so oddly unhip they just might get hip after the next big hip thing. Phew! The Guardian guides us Read more
  2. Effectively Manage Your Traktor Library With Beatport Pro – Get organised within Traktor by using the free Beatport Pro app to sync your tunes and add extra metadata. Check out Traktor Tips for the full tutorial Read more
  3. The DJ’s Guide To Brand Building – Successful DJs do more than just play great sets or produce killer tunes: They know how to market themselves effectively. Traxsource has a walkthrough for you Read more
  4. This Is Your Brain On Music – Ever wonder what happens inside our heads when we hear our personal favourite songs? Something universal, according to Quartz Read more
  5. Dancefloor Democracy Aims for Electronic Music Utopia – The quest for the perfect dance track gave rise to a smartphone voting system for a test set of clubbers in this feature by BBC’s Click Watch it
  6. Your Foundations For A Proper Remix – With production software easily accessed by anyone with a laptop and an internet connection, the floodgates for remixes have never been opened wider. Learn the proper way to approach a remix, along with other tips from this interview with T. Williams on Fact Read more
  7. Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards Launched – Native Instruments has launched a new line of keyboard controllers, as well as a new version of its Komplete production suite. DJ Techtools has the scoop Read more
  8. Tips From A Virtuoso Controllerist – If you’re an Albeton Live user and fancy giving the company’s Push controller a try, check out this tutorial and series of videos for some awesome live performance tips. Create Digital Music has it Read more
  9. Lack Of Stupid DJ Names Affecting Quality Of Dance Music! – Amazing new discovery as to why the quality of EDM has dropped so much recently – well, according to the Daily Mash… Read more

What’s your favourite genre from The Guardian’s list? Have you tried getting your hands dirty with a little bit of production using demo versions of DAW’s like Ableton Live? Have YOU got a stupid DJ name? Feel free to share in the section below.

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