Serato DJ 1.7 Plus Serato Flip, Serato DVS Available Now

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Last updated 6 November, 2017


Serato DJ 1.7
Serato DJ 1.7 introduces two new expansion packs: Serato Flip and Serato DVS, alongside a host of tweaks and bug fixes.

Serato released today its latest update to Serato DJ. Version 1.7 introduces two new expansion packs to the software: Serato Flip, which lets you create edits and remixes on the fly, as well as Serato DVS, which brings digital vinyl system capability initially to four controllers: The Denon DJ MC6000mk2, Numark N4, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, and the Akai Pro AMX.

Serato DJ 1.7 also brings improvements to the software’s existing toolset, such as a more comprehensive Midi panel with additional mapping options, better library management, and compatibility with even more controllers such as the just-released Reloop Neon and the upcoming Numark NV.

We’re pretty excited about this update, particularly with Serato Flip. As we’ve mentioned in our preview of the add-on, it’s a unique tool to quickly make DJ edits and remixes without having to touch a digital audio workstation; it’s all possible within Serato DJ, further blurring the lines between producing and DJing.

• Serato DJ 1.7 is available now at the Serato website, and is a free update for existing Serato DJ users.

Can’t wait to try out Serato Flip? Thinking about adding turntables to your set-up now that your controller’s been “DVS enabled”? Let us know how this update is sitting with you in our comments section below!

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