Friday Roundup: Pete Tong On Life After EDM

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 17 October, 2014


Pete Tong
Pete Tong shares his views on life after EDM in our lead story this week, plus read our “best of the rest” of the DJing and music web.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, Pete Tong on life after EDM, why you’re never too old to start DJing, how to setup a major festival for even the oddest of genres, and a scrapbook of awkward DJ poses to avoid at your next photoshoot. It’s all here in our weekly collection of news and articles from around the DJ web. Have a great weekend, folks!

  1. Pete Tong On Life After EDM – Coming down from the massive high that was EDM, fans are starting to explore other types of electronic music. Pete Tong dishes his thoughts on a post-EDM world in this Village Voice interview Read more
  2. You’re Never Too Old To DJ – You’ll be surprised at how many artists “made it” only when they were well into their 30s and beyond. DIY Musician shows us why it’s never too late to rock the decks in this digital day and age Read more
  3. How To Set up A “Tomorrowland” for Microgenres – Want to create a large-scale festival for your favourite genres in obscurity? Inthemix has a list you should be ticking Read more
  4. The UK DJ Scene In 7 Minutes – Check out this documentary that distills essential London clubbing history. Mixmag has it Watch it
  5. Forget Genres, Learn From Them! – You’re missing out on a lot of great music business insights by being blind to what’s happening in other genres. Open your eyes, says Hypebot Read more
  6. Surprise! Calvin Harris Didn’t Invent Acid House – As “deep house” begins to show signs of being the sound for the next Ibiza summer, popstar heavyweights like Calvin Harris are taking elements from other house genres to stay ahead. Thump gives us a crash course on what acid house really is Read more
  7. Dubious Poses Of Megabuck DJs – While you’re definitely not on the Forbes list, you can at least look like you’re in the Top 10 by copying one of these in Inthemix’s list… should you want to Read more

How old is “too old” in the realm of electronic music? Have your own awkward DJ pose to contribute? Feel free to comment on any of the articles in the section below.

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