Friday Roundup: Is It “Time Up” For Two Decks And A Mixer?

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 10 October, 2014


Is It Time To Move On?
Play it again, Sam? Some of the tools we use as DJs are almost a century old. Is it time to move on?

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we bring you articles that beg the question: Is it time for DJing to move on from “two decks and a mixer”? Also in this roundup, learn why “music bankruptcy” may be a good thing for you, and pray you aren’t in any photos from the Tumblr account below, should you find yourself losing it at the next Boiler Room episode…

  1. How I Learned To Let Go Of The Old Ways Of DJing – Is it really time to ditch the platters? DJ Worx’s article examines the history of the classic DJ set-up, and why in its view, we should get over it already… Read more
  2. What Unique Gear Do Touring DJs/Producers Use? – …while DJ Tech Tools, despite all the weird and wonderful set-ups on show in this article, actually confirms that most big DJs are still very happy with the “old way” Read more
  3. Why Purists Would Be Wrong To Hate On The Traktor Kontrol S8 – And another take, as Do Androids Dance gives DJ purists food for thought in this piece on Native Instruments’ upcoming jogwheel-free controller Read more
  4. The Kind Of Bankruptcy You Need Now – Phew, back to the music (‘cos that’s what really matters, right)? With all those tunes you downloaded but never listened to, is your iTunes library starting to look more like someone else’s? NPR Music has a solid piece of advice: Declare music bankruptcy Read more
  5. Electronic Music Is The New Mainstream. So What? – With electronic-tinged pop music and EDM dominating the charts, Locked Groove tells us why he thinks dance music’s record-breaking popularity isn’t a bad thing. XLR8R has it Read more
  6. Make Money Through Music Publishing – Want to know how to cash in on your productions? Thump gives us an overview of what music publishing is and how you can get in on it Read more
  7. Break The Rules To Innovate – DJ veteran Vice shares his secret for staying relevant in this fast-changing game. NextShark has the story Read more
  8. TV Icon Larry King Gets Schooled By Steve Aoki – He may be the best TV interviewer in the biz, but he’ll be the first to admit to knowing next to nothing about the business of dance music. Watch Steve Aoki explain the scene (and his antics) to the industry veteran in this inthemix piece Watch it
  9. Mad For It? Don’t Get Caught On Cam! – While it’s easy to lose the plot, it’s hard to remember sometimes that you’re always on camera when you visit that underground dance phenomenon known as the Boiler Room. Check out some funny videos, hopefully without you in them! Inthemix has it Read more
  10. Balearic Music For Dummies – Bluff your way through your next music snob consortium with your exceedingly omniscient knowledge of Balearic music! Thump distills all the godlike wisdom you need in this article Read more

Is EDM’s rise good or bad? Is digital better or worse than analogue? Do DJs need to get right over it and just concentrate on the music? Feel free to comment on any of these articles in the section below.

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