Friday Roundup: How To Use Effects In Traktor’s Remix Decks

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 31 October, 2014


Remix Decks
Learn how to add individual effects in a song by using Traktor’s Remix Decks in our featured article this week. It’s all here in our Friday Roundup!

In the week the Traktor Kontrol S8 finally went on sale, this week we’ve found for you an article on how to make the most of effects within Traktor’s Remix Decks, a great video series on how to optimise Serato DJ for your laptop, and a piece on how to connect with other people in the music industry effectively. This and more in our weekly muster of the best DJ news and pieces from around the web. Have a safe weekend, folks, and happy Halloween!

  1. Using Effects In Traktor’s Remix Decks – Find out how to separate a track into individual cells in a Remix Deck, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to adding effects to a particular portion in a song. Traktor Tips has it Read more
  2. EDM And The Underground Should Never Mix – House DJ Seth Troxler explains why the mainstream and underground music scenes have entirely different goals. Mixmag has the story Read more
  3. DJ Craze Gives Us A Taste of #RealDJing In His New Routine – Turntable wizard DJ Craze shows us what his idea of true DJing is in this inthemix piece Read more
  4. Get Serato DJ Performing At Its Best On Your Laptop – The folks over at Serato gives us some Mac and PC optimisation tips to get Serato DJ running like a dream on your system Read more
  5. How To DJ Using Only A Single Deck – Our friends at DJ Tech Tools shows us how it’s possible to mix using only one CDJ or turntable in Serato DJ and Traktor Read more
  6. 5 Ways To Be A Better Networker – In the DJ industry, it’s not just what you know that’ll get you places, but who you know. This article from DIY Musician shows you how Read more
  7. Fight DJs From The Comfort Of Your Bedroom – Fancy duking it out with Steve Sushi, Paris Sheraton, and Devil Guetta? It’s entirely possible in this upcoming video game! Mixmag has it Read more

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