Holiday Weekend Roundup: The 10 Un-Sexiest Dance Tunes Ever

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 28 November, 2014


Friday Roundup
“Sexy” is a term that gets thrown a lot in house and dance music, but there really are some un-sexy tracks out there. We’ve got a list of the 10 worst offenders, as well as some great weekend reading while you’re coming down from all that turkey!

Today’s Friday Roundup becomes a special “Holiday Weekend Roundup” to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a list of the 10 least sexy records in the entire history of dance music, a walkthrough of what goes on in the inner workings of a large-scale festival production, and a couple of things us DJs hope punters would stop doing when we’re behind the decks. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, folks!

  1. The 10 Least Sexy Records In Dance Music History – Club getting busy, hot and steamy? Here’s a piece of advice if you want it to get even hotter: Don’t drop any of these jams. THUMP lists the world’s un-sexiest dance tunes to date Read more
  2. JFB & DJ Angelo Produce An Entire Song From Scratching – Check out turntablism greats JFB and Digital DJ Tips pal DJ Angelo perform an original tune created through the magic of scratching Watch it
  3. Win A Pioneer DDJ-SX2 And DDJ-SP1 From Serato – Got a thing for Serato Flip? Record your best work and join Serato’s Flip battle to win some sweet Pioneer DJ swag over at the Serato blog Read more
  4. Meet The Tech Wiz Of The Pros – DJ Endo has helped veterans like Carl Cox, Dubfire, and Steve Lawler step their game up in the digital realm. Check out how he started and which celebrity DJ he’s unashamedly helping out these days, in this THUMP piece Read more
  5. A Behind The Curtains Look At A Massive EDM Festival – Get a sneak peak at what goes behind a humongous stage production of the type rife in EDM festivals these days. Forbes has it Read more
  6. 10 Best EDM “Starter Kit” Memes – You’ve seen them making rounds on social media, so EDM Sauce went ahead and compiled the 10 funniest for your viewing pleasure Read more
  7. 7 Things DJs Wish You Would Stop Doing – One for those louts lingering around your booth! If only we could add seven more… Read more

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