Hey DJs, What’s Santa Brought You?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 25 December, 2014


One of the weirder gifts out there: A cat turntable, for the feline spinner in your life Yeah! But what did you get this year?

Over a large part of the world, today is – of course – Christmas Day. If you’re celebrating Christmas where you are today, I’ve got one simple question: What DJ-related goodies has Santa brought you this year?

Whether it’s a DJ controller, software, headphones, speakers, music / DJing books, DJ course (we’ve got a few…), or something silly like a cuddly Technics or a witty T-shirt, whatever you’ve had, we’d love to know, so please do share in the comments – and a very merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of our readers.

So, let us know your favourite DJ-related gift below! And once again, have a great day.

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