New Virtual DJ Video Series Pushes Software’s Strengths

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Atomix power room virtual dj 8
Last updated 7 January, 2015


Virtual DJ is making a disruptive play for the centre ground occupied by Serato and Traktor, as its new video series pushing performance emphasises.

Virtual DJ must feel like the itch that won’t go away to certain other DJ software manufacturers. Whereas Traktor is increasingly only really an option if you’re using Traktor hardware, and Serato has always only worked on a relatively small number of tightly licensed and controlled devices, Virtual DJ is positively promiscuous by comparison.

Virtual DJ – now up to version 8 – is made by a company called Atomix, and its new video series, “Atomix Power Room”, looks to be the company’s attempt to build on Virtual DJ 8’s strengths and quash the software’s sometime reputation for not being technically as good as the competition (possibly a cost of that universal compatibility).

I’ll leave you to watch the video to make up your own mind (it’s the first in a series promising “interviews, showcases, event coverage and DJ ciphers”), but the strengths being pushed this time appear to be: working with everyone else’s hardware and timecode (both Serato and Traktor are name-checked), video compatibility out-of-the-box, Windows tablet compatibility, and tight scratch performance.

Promo video

Have you used Virtual DJ 8? Do you think it’s stepped up its game, and secured its future with this release? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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