Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Controller “Coming Soon”?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
DDJ-SZ2 Pioneer DJ Pro
Last updated 27 March, 2018


The DDJ-SZ: A source apparently from Pioneer has confirmed that a DDJ-SZ2 is coming “soon”…

A post over on the Polish Pioneer Facebook page appears to suggest that there might be a v2 of the company’s flagship Serato DJ / Virtual DJ controller “soon”. The suggestion came in a reply by what appears to be a Pioneer employee to a question asked by a follower of the page.

The post on the Pioneer DJ page in Poland, translated.

We might expect a v2 to have Serato Flip mapping built in, but what else might it have? Will they just tweak it slightly like the DDJ-SX2, or will we get built-in screens like the XDJ-RX? My feeling is that even if this does happen (and it’s not confirmed), it won’t be a massive change from what’s already out there, as I suspect an “XDJ-RZ” will come soon enough to corner that niche, so we suspect this would be just an incremental update, like the recent DDJ-SX2 release.

Do you know something about this that we don’t? Feel free to spill the beans in the comment thread below!

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