Case Study: How One Of Our Students Is Smashing SoundCloud

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 8 April, 2015


Our student Bella Cuts has managed to get a huge rate of growth on her SoundCloud mix follows and listens, and you can find out exactly how she id it today.

I’ve got something cool for you today, a real success story we want to share. One of our students, DJ Bella Cuts, is absolutely smashing it on SoundCloud – she’s managed to get 14,270 plays of her mixtapes and 1,097 real followers, growing by 176% in just one year! We were so impressed we got her to tell all…

As you’ll see when you request the free case study where she tells her story, Bella achieved this great growth in her DJing career in no small part due to learning how to make mixtapes that not only sounded better, but that took less time to make – something she learned from our ten-step mixtape creation plan. What she shares with us is so powerful, I actually recommend you don’t try and make another mixtape in your own DJing until you’ve read it!

Just to make grabbing this free case study even more useful to you, I’ve made a video that talks through the ten-step formula that Bella applied to get these results. You can request the case study and the video, which we’ll email instantly to you, by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it!

• One more time, Click here to request your copy of the case study and the 10-step video, which we’ll send you by email.

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