The SoundCloud Bible Aims To Give You An Edge In The Music Service

Last updated 10 April, 2018


SoundCloud Bible
The SoundCloud Bible is a book on how to use the platform to its fullest to get you more plays, attention, and help you land a record deal.

The SoundCloud Bible is a 130-page PDF guide for DJs and producers on how to use SoundCloud to its fullest to attract more attention for your music. Written by record label owner and artist manager Budi Voogt, it offers insider tips on how to create an online presence on the platform that gets plays from users, how to turn them into fans, and how to leverage your profile to get record labels listening to your music.

At the moment, SoundCloud is the de facto repository for DJ/producers that want to upload their original music. If you want a whole lot more folks listening to the tunes you’ve got stored on your SoundCloud account but don’t know how to go about doing that, The SoundCloud Bible is a good first step because not only does it have platform-specific tips, but it’s also got a lot of information on how to do proper music releases.

• The SoundCloud Bible is available now for US$19. Get a free sample chapter at the SoundCloud Bible website.

How do you use SoundCloud as a DJ? Do you still host your mixes / podcasts there, or have you switched over to another service like Mixcloud? Would a book like this interest you? Tell us what you think about the service in the comments below.

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