Friday Roundup: The Day I Learned To Stop Hating Laptop DJs

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 5 August, 2017


Rob Swift
In this week’s Friday Roundup, find out how turntablism legend Rob Swift warmed up to laptops and digital DJing. This and more in our weekly round-up of great DJ re;ate stories from the web.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got a must-read piece by a veteran turntablist who’s embraced digital DJing. Plus, a video talkthrough on making a DIY DJ booth using IKEA parts, and for a bit of fun, a collection of YouTube clips of grannies dancing to techno. It’s all part of our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. Have a great weekend!

  1. The Day I Learned To Stop Hating Laptop DJs – Rob Swift of the legendary turntablism group The X-Ecutioners recalls his long journey to loving the laptop as a DJ’s tool. Medium has it Read more
  2. 60-Minute Sets Are Killing Dance Music – Gareth Emery dishes on why longer DJ sets are the key to increasing quality across the board in today’s dance music landscape. Dancing Astronaut has the scoop Read more
  3. Does Club Culture Have A Bigotry Problem? – The career-ending homophobic rant by Ten Walls and racist remarks by artist GFOTY and Boddika all point to this issue that needs a modern solution. The Guardian has it Read more
  4. How’d EDM Get So Big In The First Place? – Vulture peers into the ultrastardom of today’s biggest EDM producers and looks at how and why things got to where they are Read more
  5. Build A DJ Booth With IKEA Parts – DJ Puzzle has a video tutorial on how to DIY your own IKEA-powered DJ booth Watch it
  6. Check Out Some Weird Stuff Found In Vinyl Sleeves – An Instagram account posts photos of odd relics found inside record sleeves. Check it out on Mixmag Read more
  7. The Definitive Guide To Old People Dancing To Techno – Grannies and gramps meet Boiler Room? THUMP has the entire list Read more
  8. Recast Lets You Tune In To Radio Station Playlists – Times Live has the scoop on a new app called Recast gives you access to radio stations’ music list on demand Read more

Think longer DJ sets are what’s missing in today’s club scene? Thinking about building that IKEA booth this weekend? Comment on any of the articles in the section below.

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