Your Questions: Tips For DJing With A Wedding Singer?

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Last updated 3 August, 2017


If you’re booked to DJ at an event where you know there will be other performers such as a singer, it pays to reach out to that person or people beforehand. Singer in pic: James Barlow

Digital DJ Tips member Michael writes: “I’ve got a wedding next month and have recently found out a singer has been booked as well as myself. The singer is starting the night off and I take over an hour after for half an hour. Then the singer comes back on and for a short while then I have a good two and half hours once he’s finished to get the floor pumping.

“Do I avoid the songs he has sung already? Do I need to contact him before hand or just play it by ear on the night? Will he need to use my PA or microphone? Cheers for your help guys.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

You should definitely contact him (get an email address for him) and say the following:

  1. You are the DJ for the night and basically introduce yourself
  2. You were wondering if he could provide a set list so that you can avoid playing any tracks he sings (as a rule, I would never play a track that is being performed live. It often doesn’t reflect well on the live performer and that can upset them)
  3. Does he want to plug into your PA so that he doesn’t have to use his own? (You should definitely make this offer – he may say no, but it’s better to have one set-up in the room which will look a lot neater than having two sets of speakers etc.)

Basically, you’re going to contact him, ask a few questions, and be polite about it – getting off on the wrong foot now will not help when the day arrives, but conversely, he and the clients are likely to appreciate your professionalism and you’ll all be less nervous about it that if you had to meet/coordinate on the night for the first time. Good luck!

Have you DJed events where you played alongside another a act of some kind? How did it go? What would you have done differently? got any more advice to add? Please do so in the comments!

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