Friday Roundup: 10 Strange & Amazing Scratch Stories

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup Learn To Scratch
Last updated 18 September, 2015


Hacked controllers, weird set-ups, surprising digital routines… these 12 posts blow the lid on the REAL innovation going on in scratching in 2015…

In a special Friday Roundup to celebrate the return of our hugely popular FREE week-long scratch training course for digital DJs next week, here are some incredible scratching gems from around the web.

(Next week’s scratch training is delivered as a series of easy-to-digest videos, and has already helped thousands to start scratching on all kinds of DJ controllers, and it’s going to help you immensely too – but it will ONLY be there for a week, so pay attention! Don’t worry, as long as you’re a Digital DJ Tips member, we’ll let you know the second it’s live. Oh, and you’ll also get FREE scratch sounds & practice beats when you sign up…)

Right, here are those stories for you… have a great weekend!

  1. Scratching On Controllers: 7 Myths Busted – OK we’re gonna start with one of our own, basically due to popular demand! Can you really scratch with tiny jogwheels? You may be surprised… Read more
  2. Scratching With Stems – DJ Shiftee tackles the Stems format in this awesome routine combining D2s & turntables Watch it
  3. “Learn To Scratch, Not To Show Off, But to Build Confidence As A DJ” – … So says Laidback Luke in this extended mixing skills masterclass Watch it
  4. DJ Woody Invents Polyphonic Scratching – Watch him use the same DVS code to control four different tones / channels for an awesome musical trick Read more
  5. Let These Scratch Routines Inspire You – Check out videos that inspired our scratch course collaborator DJ Angelo, over on his blog Read more
  6. DJ Woody’s Controller Scratch Madness – Check out the funkiest and most creative scratch/controllerism routine we’ve ever seen, via DJCity Watch it
  7. Upgrade Your Crossfader To An Innofader – Scratching faster than your fader can handle? DJ Techtools has a suggestion…Read more
  8. So You Want To Learn To Scratch? – Get started learning a timeless DJ skill today Read more
  9. Scratch legends the Scratch Perverts rocking CDJs – You can scratch with any DJ device, just ask the Scratch Perverts! DJ Sounds has the video Watch it
  10. Numark V7 hack – Wait till you see this! – DJ Tony Blanck hacks a Numark V7 with a 10″ disc, you’ll be amazed when you see what he does! Watch it

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Which was your favourite of the articles above? What do you scratch on? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments…

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