[NAMM 2016] Video: Numark PT01 Touring Portable Record Player

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NAMM 2016 numark Numark PT01 Turntable
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Numark PT01
Numark unveiled its compact PT01 Touring portable record player here at the NAMM Show.

With vinyl seemingly picking up more and more new fans right now, Numark is showing the PT01 Touring portable record player here at NAMM 2016. It’s a cute little design that can be folded up like a briefcase to bring with you wherever the vinyl bug bites.

It has two small speakers built in for stereo reproduction, auto stop when a side of vinyl finishes playing (the tonearm lifts up and returns to its starting, resting position), and both RCA (rear) and 1/8″ jack (top) Aux inputs. It also had a headphones socket for private listening, and can be plugged into your computer via USB in order to rip vinyl, to boot.

Coming in at US$79, we think this will find fans among both serious crate-diggers and casual vinyl users wanting something to play their collections on, although for serious vinyl ripping for DJ use, we’d recommend using the very best turntable you can afford.

Talkthrough video

So what do you think of this cute little turntable? Something you’d find useful, or a bit of a gimmick? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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