Your Questions: How Can I Use A Sampler With My Older Set-up?

Lauren Andio | Read time: < 1 min
Akai MPX8 CDJ-800 NOX404 sampler
Last updated 3 August, 2017


As long as you’re only wanting to trigger samples you’ve pre-prepared, it’s possible to plug a hardware sampler into just about any existing set-up, such as this Behringer/Pioneer combo – just a spare channel on the mixer is required.

Digital DJ Tips reader Remi Kreupeling writes: “I have two Pioneer CDJ-800 Mk1s and a Behringer NOX404. Since it’s an older set-up, is it possible to attach a sampler machine to it, like the AKAI MPX8 or something? If so, how do I connect to my mixer or decks? Thanks!”

Digital DJ Tips says:

The AKAI MPX8 is a popular sample player that comes with a supplied sample kit editor for Mac and PC. This allows you to arrange, add reverb to, or tune practically any sample before loading the lot to the unit via SD or SDHC card.

The crucial thing to note here, though, is that all the complicated stuff is done before you get to the gig – you’re only using it as a player once you’re there. (It’s not possible to record samples “on the fly” as with some DJ controllers and software, if that’s what you were hoping to achieve here.)

However, the good thing about this is that once you’ve assigned the samples to the MPX8’s pads, you simply take it to your gig, plugging the sampler into a spare channel on the venue mixer via its 1/4″ jack outputs (you will probably need a pair of 1/4″ jack to-RCA leads). Thus you can use it alongside your – or practically any – existing kit without hassle.

Do you use a hardware sampler, and if so, what kind do you have in your set-up? How do you integrate your sampler with your gear? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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