Friday Roundup: What Does It Take To Be A Superstar DJ?

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got Tiga on what he thinks real DJing is about, along with other pieces we’ve collected for your weekend reading.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got an interview with widely respected techno maestro Tiga on what it truly means to be DJing “the right way”, an arcade-tinged turntablism routine by Skratch Bastid, and a look at the many forms of the modern raver. All that and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web. Have a great weekend everyone!

  1. What Real DJing Means For Tiga – Possibly the most insightful interview on the true meaning of DJing that doesn’t just exclude DJs who don’t know how to use vinyl. Great stuff from The Guardian Read more
  2. The Scourge Of Pay To Play Club Nights – Fancy paying a fee or selling tickets for a warm up slot? We didn’t think so. Here’s how the “pay to play” system works, and why you should avoid them. DJ Techtools has it Read more
  3. 5 Epic Female DJ Sets – DJ Mag shares its top 5 In The Lab performances ranging from deep house DJ/producer newcomers Eli & Fur to tech maven Magda, all in time for International Women’s Day this past week Read more
  4. Review: Innofader Pro 2 – DJ Worx goes deep with the latest scratch crossfader from Innofader Read more
  5. Watch Skratch Bastid’s ‘Street Fighter 2’ Routine – Check out Skratch Bastid’s killer arcade routine that’ll have you reliving the golden era of coin-op (ah, the good old days!). Thump has it Read more
  6. What Is Serato Pitch Play? – The Denon DJ MCX8000 has an exclusive feature on Serato DJ that lets you trigger cue points in different musical keys. The Serato Blog has it Read more
  7. Has Anyone Ever Actually Enjoyed a Live Techno Set? – The essential question everyone’s afraid to ask when watching really obscure electronic performances. Thump explores Read more
  8. The Evolution Of The Modern Raver – All the ravers you’re bound to encounter at the next Winter Music Conference or Amsterdam Dance Event, stereotyped in one handy blog post. Magnetic Magazine has it Read more

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